Product Management & Marketing

We assist organizations in all areas of the product management process to develop the next generation of products that generate growth for organizations. We work with clients in every step of the product lifecycle - analyze the market opportunity, develop and refine their value proposition, define usage scenarios based on the analysis of customer needs that lead to the development of product features, assess competitive position, develop business models and go-to-market strategies. In addition, we improve product marketing and adoption by enabling the right messaging of the product to the right customer at the right time.

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Client Success
Lifetime Value

With reduced marketing budgets, the client needed to effectively use limited funds towards customer acquisition & retention to maximize profitability and contribution margin.

Solution Delivered

Developed customer lifetime value across the user base and segmented profitable customers vs. non profitable customers. Renegotiated deals to improve contribution margin and reduce COGS


LTV framework now used as a standard tool to negotiate contracts and establish pricing for products with partners.