EGB Group is a Seattle based Management Consulting firm that helps businesses make better data driven decisions. Our clients include both large organizations like Microsoft, AT&T, Premera Blue Cross and Getty Images, as well as small to mid sized firms such as Onvia, Electronic Evidence Discovery among others.

Our clients recognize us as a trusted advisor in providing deep insights about their customers, business and products. Our expertise in Churn Analytics, Lifetime Value analysis and Revenue Assurance help clients make decisions that deliver real value, as measured by increased revenue, increased market share, increased customer retention and reduced marketing costs. 

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Customer Analytics
There is no dearth of data external data available in the public domain or internal data collected by the various transactional, operational and decision
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Product Marketing
We assist organizations in all areas of the product management process to develop the next generation of products that generate growth for organizations.
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Customer Lifecycle
Lets face it – customer acquisition costs have never been higher, and with increased competition, switching costs for customers are lower.
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KPI & Metrics
With the proliferation of products, customer segments, partners, channels and deals that businesses face today, tracking key metrics that indicate