Customer Lifecycle Management

Lets face it – customer acquisition costs have never been higher, and with increased competition, switching costs for customers are lower. It is therefore essential that in order to maintain competitive advantage, organizations need to retain customers by successfully navigating them through the different stages of the customer lifecycle, maximizing the tenure and increasing engagement of customers

We work with clients to build the capabilities that translate the insights obtained about behaviors and attitudes of customers towards the product to achieve sustained, measureable performance. We help organizations optimize their marketing efforts between customer acquisition and customer retention, thus maximizing on your ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)

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Client Success
Campaign Management

With millions of customers and frequent marketing campaign launches, needed to “close the loop” & track effectiveness of marketing campaigns to measure and optimize return on marketing investments

Solution Delivered

Leveraged the Mobile Analytics Platform to plan and execute various marketing campaigns. Worked with marketing managers to establish marketing strategy, developed cell matrix’s for complex campaigns and tracked campaign results and refine marketing best practices


Better targeting of users and analyzing the results of campaigns enabled marketing managers to significantly improve Click Through Rates of campaigns, thus driving incremental product adoption, usage and revenue.