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There is no dearth of external data available in the public domain or internal data collected by the various transactional, operational and decision support systems within your organization. Yet, when it comes to making key decisions that rely on empirical data, companies find themselves struggling to piece together the puzzle, and fall short of backing up their conclusions with facts.

We assist organizations to overcome this challenge and deliver the analytics, insights and facts about their business, products and customers so that they can make effective decisions at all levels. We cut through the many layers of complexity that makes up the organization, gathering the facts and insights and deliver crisp, coherent analyses. We synthesize and make sense of all that data out there and translate it into actionable decisions. We help answer some of the most important questions about your business.

  • Who are the customers most likely to use your products
  • Why do customers stop using your products
  • Who are your best customers
  • What are the behaviors of your best customers
  • How much is each customer worth
  • How long is it likely for your customers to stay with you
  • Why are some products more appealing than the others

Answers to these and many other questions that were supported by facts and insights helped clients realize significant value to their business. To have a discussion around how we can help your business realize similar benefits contact us.

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Client Success
Churn Analytics

Even though the client was acquiring customers at a healthy rate, net growth of customers were flat, indicating that they were losing as many customers as they were gaining. Needed to “stop the bleeding”

Solution Delivered

Developed a churn analysis framework that helped identify and isolate cause of churn across a variety of dimensions – product, quality of service, partner and mobile operator.


Reallocated marketing funds to operators that performed well on both acquisition and retention metrics thus reducing churn to acceptable levels