Business Management

With the proliferation of products, customer segments, partners, channels and deals that businesses face today, tracking key metrics that indicate whether you are meeting your business and financial goals is increasingly a burdensome task. Far too often, there is a disconnect between the back office and the teams on the frontlines – the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, so to speak, resulting in loss of revenue or incorrect allocation of resources based on the state of the union. Further, organizations often consider developing products and services their “core competency”, and skim on support services such as revenue assurance, managing budgets, targets & forecasts.

We work with organizations to efficiently and effectively track the health of the business and simplify the management of such “non core” tasks. We work across multiple disciplines in your organizations – finance, business development, operations, marketing – ensuring that the key performance indicators are readily available to enable effective decision-making.

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Client Success
Revenue Assurance

With over 200 customized deal terms with partners, needed to ensure revenue is collected per the terms of the deal, reconcile monthly reports with partners and disseminate revenue to the subsidiaries.

Solution Delivered

Developed a solution to track and report revenues for each of the customized deals. Reconciled revenues reported by partners with internal systems and developed accrual methodology to smoothen monthly revenues .


Streamlined process for revenues reporting reducing time taken to complete month end close activities and consistently disseminate revenue performance to subsidiaries.